priyo oktaviano
Priyo Oktaviano

Priyo Oktaviano's adventure in the world of fashion began with his experience in the House of Balenciaga after graduating with honors from ESMOD Paris in 2001. Nevertheless, though his career started right away in the fashion capital of the world, it did not dampen his appreciation for the Indonesian culture. Priyo Oktaviano's works take a lot of inspiration from the local art of weaving. In 2008, he even joined Yayasan Cita Tenun Indonesia, an organization dedicated to the preservation and development of that very art. Priyo Oktaviano's designs, which combine the olden culture with today's perspectives, produce a uniqueness that transcends the borders of generation and culture.


  • Finalist - Concours CISEAUX WIZO au Bains Douches-Paris (2001)
  • Finalist - Concours Jeunes Createurs 2001 Pronuptia Paris
  • 4th Place & First Place in Exchange Designer Category - European Competition for Textile and Fashion Design of the Region APOLDA, Germany (2002)
  • lndonesian Fashion Designer of The Year - ELLE Awards (2009)
  • Most Popular Overseas Designer - HARBIN Fashion Week (2017)
  • Designer of the Year Award (2018)
  • Designer of the Year Award (2019)
  • JIN LEI - Silk Road International Fashion Week, Xi'an, China (2018)