epa jewel
Eliana Putri Antonio

Since high school, Eliana Putri Antonio has always liked making accessories, but it wasn't until 2012 that she finally launched her label: EPA Jewel. Her decision to start her own jewelry label was actually part of her healing process in dealing with the loss of her child. This history inspired EPA Jewel's logo, which has also become the hallmark of its collection. The single-wing logo, which symbolizes love, peace, and freedom, is a reminder for Eliana to remain strong as she goes about her life. EPA Jewel can be categorized as wearable art. With its concept of turning an ordinary look into a luxurious one with a touch of jewelry, most of EPA Jewelry's designs are styled in a modular fashion: one jewelry can be divided into several jewelry pieces. The function and size of its jewelry can also be adjusted according to one's desires, constantly giving a pleasant surprise to its wearers.