danjyo hiyoji
Dana Maulana and Liza Mashita

Standing under the umbrella of PT Danjyo Cipta Rega Pratama, Dajyo Hiyoji is a fashion label founded by Dana Maulana and Liza Mashita. Since 2009, Danjyo Hiyoji has focused on developing ready to wear products for men and women with Japanese aesthetics. Known as one of the best streetwear labels in the Jakarta fashion scene, Danjyo Hiyoji has earned plenty of awards. Among them are The Most Innovative Local Brand on Cleo Fashion Award 2009 and the Label of the Year 2010 from ELLE Indonesia Magazine as well as the Instyle Indonesia Magazine Award 2012. Up to this moment, with a studio located in South Tangerang, Danjyo Hiyoji continues to create by exploring individuality and modernity to give confidence to those who wear its products.