sean sheila
Sean Sheila

Though built in 2014, Sean Sheila had already started their collaboration with the textile workers from SBL Negeri Purbalingga since before the brand's conception. Their dedication to giving access to the deaf and the hard of hearing community can be seen from their effort in learning the Indonesian Sign Language and providing the textile workers who work with them with lodgings, food, commission, and a decent income. The two designers, both graduated from Singapore, believe that to truly practice sustainable fashion, a brand should not only concern itself with the environment but also with the community around them. The collaboration between Sean Sheila and SBL Negeri Purbalingga has produced a diverse range of luxury garments, each possessing a strong identity, for both men and women.


Emerging Designer of the Year - Elle Award (2016)

Craftsmanship - Martel Rise Above Award (2016)

Winner of Harper's Bazaar Asia New Generation, Malaysia dan Indonesia (2015)