house of jealouxy
Andi Yulianti

House of Jealouxy was formed in 2009 by Andi Yulianti, which now holds the Creative Director's position. Uli, such is Yulianti's nickname, began by making necklaces from jersey fabric strips using online tutorials. Her creations garnered positive feedbacks, and one of her friends offered to display them at her store. From then on, Uli began focusing on making various accessories to be sold. The name of her accessory label was taken from the title of one of her favorite songs, "House of Jealous Lovers" by The Rapture. House of Jealouxy's accessories, known for their chic and cool designs and pocket-friendly price, consist of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and other uncommon body and head jewelry. In 2010, the House of Jealouxy opened its first store at Level One Grand Indonesia alongside other local brands. Uli has since become one of the finalists for Best Promising Accessories in Cleo's Fashion Award 2013 and earned the opportunity to study fashion styling at Istituto Marangoni Shangai. Then in 2018, Uli created her XO Jealouxy line, which specializes in wedding jewelry.