pala nusantara
Pala Nusantara

The name Pala Nusantara came from the name of a spice that originates from Maluku. Back then, while it has always been a common commodity to the people of this nation, pala (nutmeg) was very much sought after by the Europeans. Its value even surpassed that of gold. It is this essence that Pala Nusantara tries to represent through its products. While also producing wooden bow ties and leather wallets, Pala Nusantara's hallmark lies on their unique watches. The watches use cuts of high-quality wood that were taken from other industries' waste. Meanwhile, the straps are made of colored leather. Through its designs, Pala Nusantara tells stories that are rich in Indonesian culture. Not only sold within the country, Pala Nusantara also exports its products, aiming to introduce the Indonesian culture to the world.