clarissa kwok
Clarissa Kwok

Born into a family of jewelers, Clarissa Kwok was introduced to jewelry design at an early age. There was no doubt in her mind when she decided to study Jewellery Design at Curtin University, Perth, Australia. Having tried other professions, Clarissa decided to stick with the jewelry business after all. In designing jewelry pieces, Clarissa always pays attention to fragments of the body, so that her designs would not look alienated when worn. To Clarissa, an accessory is a representation of one's identity that does not have to follow the market trends. Pure 18K gold is Clarissa's choice of her material for jewelry making, thanks to its sturdy quality, malleable character, and enchanting color. The jewelry production process that Clarissa Kwok uses is still mostly traditional, starting from sketching her designs on paper, then discussing them with her team of artisans to make them real. Looking over the long history of Indonesia's jewelry craftsmanship, Clarissa believes that Indonesian jewelry can go further still into the future.