Amanda Mitsuri

In the middle ages, it was rumored that there exists an immortal rock that you can use for multiple functions. That rock is called Massicot. It is from there that Amanda Mitsuri got the inspiration for the name of her accessory label, hoping that Massicot can become a timeless label. The founding of Massicot actually came by accident. Initially, Amanda began by producing bags, and one of the materials used to accessorize them are resins. However, due to limitations in the workforce, she had to stop. Not wanting to waste the materials she had accumulated, Amanda experimented with the leftover resins. The first thing she made was a necklace. Amanda saw a great opportunity there, knowing that not many use resin when making accessories. In her craft, Amanda gains her inspiration from everyday life, her closest ones, and the sculptor Amrizal Salayan who became her idol. Though she had a difficult time trying to find the right artisan to realize her designs, Amanda refused to give up and challenged herself to think more creatively. Started from social media, Massicot has since gained recognition among many communities, including the Indonesian celebrities, after making an appearance at Jakarta Fashion Week. Now, you can also find Massicot products in other countries such as Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.