sepatu compass
Gunawan Kahar and Aji Handoko Purbo

Sepatu Compass has been standing since 1998, a family business owned by Gunawan Kahar. The company almost went bankrupt once before Gunawan met Aji Handoko Purbo, with whom he rebuilt Sepatu Compass. As a Creative Director, in addition to handling the business model, Aji also created new designs for Compass to keep it relevant in the current market. Compass' mainstay product that Aji designed is the Gazelle, the twill-made shoes with vulcanized soles released in 2017. The iconic line on the side of the Gazelle shoes represents the animal that became their namesake cantering at full speeds, symbolizing Sepatu Compass' drive to keep growing. In 2018, Sepatu Compass rebranded into a more contemporary look while still maintaining classical values. Ever since that moment, Sepatu Compass has gone on to become one of the most sought after local brands in Indonesia.