chiel shoes
Aad Kurniadi

Aad Kurniadi has always loved shoes ever since he was little. When he was still in middle school, he was already revamping his own shoes collection to fit his personal taste. Only after starting his undergraduate study at London School Jakarta that Aad began designing his shoes from scratch. His shoes gained a lot of attention from his friends, and Aad received plenty of orders. In the beginning, he only accepted requests for men's shoes. However, seeing the overabundance of interest for women's shoes, he dared himself to start designing those too. At the time, Aad was only working with one other crafter, yet within a month, he was able to produce as many as a hundred pairs of shoes. In 2013, Aad tried to advertise his works through social media under the name of Chiel Shoes. Having received positive feedback for that endeavor, he decided to quit his job as an assistant lecturer to focus on building his brand. Now, with tens of crafters capable of producing 20.000 pairs of shoes, Chiel Shoes products can be found in several major shopping centers. Often invited to collaborate with fashion designers, Chiel Shoes has also made appearances on stage at a number of fashion events.