Sri Luce Rusna

Designer Sri Luce Rusna founded Tulola in 2007, motivated by her desire to follow her mother's footsteps in preserving traditional Indonesian crafts. Along with a small team of jewelry artisans in her garage-turned-studio, Sri made "one of a kind artwears" that emphasize on elevating traditional crafting techniques. Tulola's works captured the attention of Happy Salma, an Indonesian movie actress, director, and member of royalty from Ubud. After exchanging thoughts about the cultural heritage, preservation, and skills of ancient artisans, Sri and Happy agreed to work together to build Tulola from the creative and business side to develop local silver and gold crafts. Tulola's creations come to be through a process of exploration into the motifs and designs of the past, which are then concocted using traditional crafting techniques and packaged in a modern and refreshing form. Now, Tulola has garnered both national and international fans, including celebrities like Tyra Banks, Courtney Love, and Kelly Rowland.