Anandia Marina Putri Harahap

I Know You Know, or more commonly known for its acronym I.K.Y.K, is a manifestation of Anandia Marina Putri Harahap's idealism. Anandia believes that dreams can come true, especially if one were to explore every detail. This mindset inspired Anandia to build a ready to wear line that can be worn by anyone, especially women, to enrich their everyday look. Founded in 2011, I.K.Y.K is most known for its oversized silhouettes, earthy palettes, eco-friendly materials, and all-season outerwear collection. Not just in Indonesia, I.K.Y.K is now also well known across Korea, Japan, and Australia.


  • Fourth Generation of Indonesia Fashion Forward (2015)
  • Australia-Indonesia Centre Young Indonesia Fashion Designer (2016)