eddy betty
Eddy Betty

Ever since he was young, Eddy Betty has always liked to dress people up. This hobby stayed on as he grew up into adulthood, which made him decide to study fashion. Eddy began his education at LPTB Susan Budiharjo. Seeking to grow his knowledge, he then departed to France to study at Fleuri de la Porte and Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Throughout his time in Paris, his works are influenced by the city's haute couture culture, which can still be seen in Eddy's more recent creations. Eddy is famous for his beautiful corset designs. To him, corsets are the foundation of every clothing. Not just in his gowns, he also uses his specialty in traditional made modern garments, like a kebaya with a body-fitting bustier top. To Eddy, the inspirations for his work can come from anywhere, including his dreams.