lombok NTB pearls by riana meilia
Riana Meilia

Before starting her high-quality pearls business in 2000, Riana Meilia focused on mabe pearl halfers, half pearl beads jewelry, and common low-quality pearls. She shifted away from those products to follow the market demands for high-quality pearls. However, she found that the competition is tight on this side of the business. Besides having to put out the extra effort to find rare materials, Riana realized that she also had to find a particular trait that would differentiate her wares from those of other businesses. Because of that, Riana started innovating by prioritizing design in her jewelry. Like combining pearls with superior quality clamp shells, also with natural Kalimantan stones. To raise the prices of her works, Riana embellishes them with white gold covered silver. Of course, each one of her creations is made in limited quantities to maintain exclusivity.