didiet maulana
Didiet Maulana

Didiet Maulana is a fashion designer and entrepreneur from Indonesia. Born on 18 January 1981, Didiet has always been fond of arts and architecture ever since he was little. For that reason, he then decided to study architecture at Universitas Parahyangan. Before finally entering the fashion world, Didiet spent some time in the broadcasting industry. One of the places he worked at was MTV Indonesia, where he was part of the creative team. Throughout his time there, he built relations that woke up his desire to take part in the fashion world. Didiet then immediately changed course to the retail industry as Head of Marketing Communication at a famous retail company in Indonesia. In 2011, Didiet finally started his own label, IKAT Indonesia, which showcases Indonesian weaves in each of its collections. His mission is to immerse the richness of Indonesian culture into modern fashion. Under IKAT Indonesia, Didiet released the fashion line SVARNA for wedding and gala attires and SARUPA for corporate uniforms.