ghea panggabean
Ghea Sukasah Panggabean

Ghea Sukasah Panggabean is a designer slash entrepreneur of elegant garments. The fact that she was born in Rotterdam in 1955 and spent most of her childhood in Germany and the Netherlands does not erase her memory of the culture of her homeland, Indonesia. It is made possible by her father's belief that she needs to remember her traditions and roots. Because of that, ever since she was little, she has routinely visited museums and read books on Indonesia. Channeling her childhood love for drawing, Ghea attended the Fine Arts major at Trisakti, though only for a year. She then decided to continue her studies at Lucie Clayton College of Dressmaking & Fashion Design, England. Later on, she became a teacher at Chelsea Academy of Fashion, London. The style of Ghea's works is greatly inspired by the hippies in the 1970s. Her creations also contain characteristics similar to Juputan garments. Not just in the clothes she makes, but also in her homeware collection.