rama dauhan
Rama Dauhan

Rama Dauhan graduated from ESMOD Jakarta in 2003, and since then, he has always been active in the fashion industry. For almost eight years, Rama became a part of the (X)S.M.L creative team. Then, along with 2 of his colleagues in 2010-2012, he rebuilt Dajyo Hiyoji, earning him the best local brand award from ELLE AWARD in 2011. Rama, who had long dreamt of owning a fashion house, started Rama Dauhan Design Studio in 2014 within the garage of his own home, equipped with only two sewing machines. As his brand continues to develop, Rama now owns a spacious tropical-themed and eco-friendly atelier in South Jakarta. Rama Dauhan's design style can be identified from its use of bold lines, and its edgy and unique characteristics. Not just Rama, his teammates are also given the opportunity to create and express their crafts. Additionally, Rama Dauhan has often collaborated with local brands, photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, and other kinds of artisans. Other than launching his menswear and womenswear collections, Rama Dauhan also provides a personal tailoring service.