Andandika Surasetja

MORAL is an independent fashion brand launched in 2006 by Andandika Surasetja. Before starting MORAL, Andandika worked as an editor and fashion stylist for the NYLON Guys magazine. Due to his journalistic background, Andandika views MORAL as a medium to develop his love for stories and ideas. Thus, MORAL is known as a label that has a strong storytelling signature. MORAL's unisex collection is dynamic and full of surprises, allowing its wearers to create their own narrations and stories. Even though MORAL is still an arguably young label, it has already garnered positive recognition in the national and international sphere. In 2017, MORAL received the title of "The Most Innovative Local Brand" from the New Fashion Force Award at Jakarta Fashion Week. Then in 2018, MORAL is awarded as the winner at the national level of Asia Newgen Fashion Award by Harper's Bazaar Indonesia then went on to win the first runner up at the award's regional Asia level.


  • First Runner-Up - Asia Newgen Fashion Award (Regional) 2018
  • Winner - Asia Newgen Fashion Fashion Award (National) 2018
  • The Most Innovative Local Brand - New Fashion Force Award 2017