kana goods
Sancaya Rini

Sancaya Rini started Kana Goods with a mission to raise awareness on environmental issues while introducing traditional Indonesian patterns in neutral colorings. Kana's hallmark blue color comes from the plant Indigofera Tinctoria, a symbol of faith, sincerity, and peace of mind. Rini began his career in the fashion world in 2007 as a Batik collector. Eager to move forward with her hobby, Rini started to learn Batik making in several places, including the Museum of Textile. She then realized the negative impact that artificial colorings have on the environment. Having a background in agriculture helps Rini in her search for plants that can produce the ideal colors. Not stopping there, she also created a community for sharing coloring techniques to the people around her neighborhood who do not have access to formal education. From there, Kana Goods was born.


  • Participation - Lestari KEHATI AWARD 2009
  • Collaboration - Aqualife x Kana di JWF 2020
  • Collaboration - Kana x Coconut Mind creating an installation for Gaya Grand Indonesia, 2019
  • Collaboration - Kana x Eridani in the GBN 2013 fashion show