deden siswanto
Deden Siswanto

Deden Siswanto, who learned his craft in Bandung, began his career in the fashion industry in 2000. Traditional garments, complemented with his unique touch, have always been the main focus of his creations--through which he seeks to wake up the interests of young fashion enthusiasts in the local art. But that's not his only mission. Deden Siswanto is also fighting to break the exclusionary aspect of the fashion industry. The sarong-wearing man often travels to various corners of the nation to provide future fashion designers from all layers of society with access into the fashion world.


  • The Best Ten Designers - Fashion TV, Bali Fashion Week (2001)
  • Favourite Designer - DEWI Magazine (2005)
  • Fashion Knights - DEWI Magazine (2008, 2009, 2012)
  • Bazaar Fashion Concerto - Harper's Bazaar Indonesia Magazine (2006, 2010)