Amanda Indah Lestari

LEKAT is a sustainable fashion brand that was started by Amanda Indah Lestari as an expression of her admiration for Indonesian traditions. To Amanda, the Indonesian culture is full of colors, stories, and surprises. The concept that she brings in her work through LEKAT are designs that tell a story, representing the local community and cultural inheritance. In each collection, LEKAT showcases the traditional weave works from Baduy. Hopefully, through LEKAT's consistent innovation, Baduy's weaving art can gain national as well as international attention. LEKAT's collection has now been showcased in London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Amazon Fashion Week 2018 Tokyo.


  • World Craft Council Award of Excellence for Handicrafts - 2014 South East Asian Program
  • Most Inspiring Woman by SK - II and Harper's Bazaar Indonesia